The Prison
The Prison in Prelude of the Chambered


Prelude of the Chambered


Pistol, Ammo, Chalice, Potion





The Prison is the first area encountered in the video game Prelude of the Chambered. It's a pretty basic area designed with new players in mind, therefore most of the puzzles are very simple, mainly involving breaking down cracked Walls. The Prison is separated into two main areas, one of which contains the entrance to The Dungeon, while the other half, which can only be entered once finding the Power Gloves, leads out to The Island.


The layout of this area is simple, and mainly only has puzzles involving cracked Walls and Boulders. The Prison is separated into two main areas, split by The Dungeon.

Your CellEdit

When you begin Prelude of the Chambered, you find yourself in a small 4/4 area, with one of the walls consisting of Bars, where you can see a Bat and another cell. In the back left corner of your cell there is a cracked wall, which leads into a simple puzzle consisting of breaking cracked Walls until you find the entrance into The Dungeon .

The CorridorEdit

After getting the Power Gloves in The Dungeon, you can move the Boulders in the small cell puzzle room, which enters into the main corridor, which was at one point presumably used by guards to keep watch on all of the prisoners.

The Other CellsEdit

After finding the Clippers outside of the Frost Caves, you can clip open the other cells in The Prison. In the cells, there are Chests, which contain the Pistol (or Ammo), a Potion, and a Chalice.